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A few months after the release of his debut album Sun Village (Workin 'Label / I.R.D. / Puglia sounds) Filippo Bubbico presents the new single "On the Moon".

The song is composed, arranged and produced by Filippo, author of the shooting and editing of the video clip, shot in his studio in Lecce.

"On the moon" is a picture that describes opposite emotions: the inability to act and the death of the feelings in the verse against the ability of a human being to live and express his creativeness in the refrain. In this song the moon is a place of awareness, the same place where people who want to lead their lives belong.

After a first stage of “Sun Village Tour”, started in September 2018 with concerts in Lecce, Rome, Bari, Palermo, Agrigento, Cosenza, Taranto, Filippo is arranging a new slot of dates with his band all over Italy and abroad.






1 Start - 2 Desires - 3 Milicia - 4 Flowers Of Your Body - 5 JB - 6 Dreaming
 7 Walking - 8 Kyu - 9 Twin Peaks - 10 Hug - 11 MeTeora


FILIPPO BUBBICO keyboards, vocals - CAROLINA BUBBICO vocals


EMANUELE COLUCCIA tenor & soprano sax, french horn, trumpet

DARIO CONGEDO drums (track 2-4)

CLARA CALIGNANO flute, vocals (track 3-11)

SIMON MOULLIER synth (track 2) - GIACOMO RIGGI vocals(track 5)

VINCENZO DESTRADIS vocals (track 9)


Lyrics by Carolina Bubbico (2, 3, 4, 7, 8) - Filippo Bubbico (2, 5, 6, 10, 11)
Vincenzo Destradis (9)  Tracks 3, 4, 8 composed with Carolina Bubbico

Track 9 composed with Vincenzo Destradis

All songs are produced, recorded, mixed and  mastered by Filippo Bubbico at Sun Village Studio except for drum in track 2 recorded by Stefano Manca at Sudestudio - Guagnano and bass and synth in track 2, recorded in Los Angeles.

Cover Artwork by Samuel Mello






FINCHÉ SARÒ FORTE (As long as I am strong) is the title of Filippo Bubbico's new single made entirely in his private studio and embellished by the impressive solo finale by the pianist Claudio Filippini, released on May 2nd on all digital platforms with the Sun Village Records label.

The song opens the way to a new record work written entirely in Italian that marks a musical turning point in the artist's path towards the search for a different identity from the previous album, "Sun Village" released in 2018 with Workin' Label and the support of Puglia Sounds Records.

The dream-pop atmospheres of the song are supported by highly selected synthetic sounds. The lyrics describe a musical personality seeking to awaken  its inner strength. The song is composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Filippo. The single will also be released with a fun videoclip, self-produced in his home with an Iphone and released at the same time as the single.








Pianist, composer, arranger, sound engineer, performer. From a very young age he began a multi-instrumental path which took him through performance on drums, violin, clarinet, percussion, guitar, bass, singing, ensemble music, choral workshop and piano; over the years he deepens the study of Jazz Harmony with Maestro Luigi Bubbico.

He studied with Maestro Fabrizio Puglisi, Greg Burk, John Taylor, Paolo Silvestri, Tim Berne, Enrico Rava, Tomaso Lama, Diana Torto, Roberto Rossi, Massimo Morganti, Massimo Greco, Walter Paoli, Stefano Paolini, Barend Middlehoff. In 2017 he obtained a three-year degree in Jazz Piano at the G.B. Martini Conservatory (Bologna).


In 2013 he graduated at the Sae Institute in Milan as Sound Engineer, a qualification that gave him the opportunity to collaborate with many artists. He is currently Head Engineer for the independent label Workin' Label through which he has carried out several study and live activities collaborating with many musicians, such as Gaetano Partipilo and the Contemporary Five, Luca Alemanno, Simon Moullier, Nicola Conte, Fabrizio Bosso, Gegè Telesforo, Anthony Fung, Redi Hasa & Mirko Signorile, Raffaele Casarano, Francesco Guaiana, Umberto Tricca, Attilio Berni, Simona Severini, Emanuele Coluccia, Dario Congedo, Irene Scardia, Giacomo Riggi, Gabrio Baldacci.

In 2013 he performed on the prestigious stage at the "Locomotive Jazz Festival", accompanying the saxophonist Attilio Berni on drums in a quartet.


In 2014 he founded the jazz quartet Gsus 4tet (debut album will be released in 2018) together with young talents Giacomo Ferrigato, Vyasa Basili and Youssef Ait Bouazza. The group is finalist at the "Festival dei Conservatori di Frosinone" 2014. In the same year he played at the Bologna Jazz Festival with the "Bologna Conservatoire Big Band".

In 2015 he was one of the finalists of the "Conad Jazz Contest" with "Gsus 4tet". They performed on the prestigious stage at Umbria Jazz.

In the same year he composed the soundtrack for the documentary presented in the Exhibits of the port of Livorno.

He collaborates with the singer, pianist, arranger Carolina Bubbico. They have been performing on prestigious Italian stages (including Auditorium Parco della Musica, Medimex) and abroad (Luxembourg, Germany) since 2015. In 2015 he performed with the collective label "Workin 'Label" during the "Jazzit Festival" in Collescipoli.

Since 2015 he has enhanced his activity as a bassist taking part in projects including Orchestra Popolare Pugliese, BandAdriatica, Young Orchestra of Salento and Kids band performing on prestigious national stages: "74th Venice Film Festival", "Futura Festival" in Marche, "Tramonto all'Alba" in Rocca Imperiale).

In 2016 he is once again the finalist of the "Conad Jazz Contest" on the stage of Umbria jazz with Filippo Bubbico Trio and wins a scholarship to the Berklee Summer School 2017 at "Umbria Jazz Clinics".

In 2016 he founded together with Davide Benincaso and Vincenzo Messina the trio of electroacoustic music WELL IN CΔSE with which he publishes, records and performs the debut EP, made up of 5 original songs. In 2017 the trio is finalist at the "Arezzo Wave Emilia Romagna" and at the "Sibiu Jazz Festival" in Romania.

He works privately as a piano, ensemble music and audio engineering teacher and trainer with students of all ages.

In 2017 he starts a personal project with which he explores new sounds, from powerful funk grooves to dreamlike beats searching for the maximum potential expression. Harmony, rhythm and melody are the beating heart of his live. The set is composed from keyboard, battery, voice and computer.

The project feeds on some collaboration with his sister, the singer Carolina Bubbico and Vincenzo De Stradis, young talent formed with Diana Torto. The line up is completed with the electric bass player Federico Pecoraro and the drummer Dario Congedo.

In 2017 he released two original songs "Milicia" and "Kyu", two singles from the upcoming debut album released in September 2018.


Records collaborations:

- "Sotto Controllo" Clara Romita (Workin 'Label, IRD) // Musician, Head engineer

- "Una Donna" Carolina Bubbico (Workin 'Label, IRD) // Musician, mixing engineer

- "Land(E)scape" Pasquale Buongiovanni & New Flesh Project // mixing engineer

- "Un po’ di silenzio" Incomodo // Head engineer

- "Unplugged" Incomodo // Head engineer

- "La mia voce" Cristiana Verardo (Workin 'Label, IRD) // Co-production of the track "L’amore di Gertrude"

- "WELL IN CΔSE" WELL IN CΔSE (Workin 'Label) // Composer, musician, head engineer

- "Gsus" Gsus 4tet (Workin 'Label) // Composer, musician, head engineer

- Production of the single "Vento" (Workin 'Label, IRD) // Head engineer


Along with the musical career he attended the theatrical laboratory held by the director Tonio De Nitto for 5 years. This introduced him to the world of theater and started to collaborate with: "Dance-House Accademia di Milano" as composer and arranger of two dance theater performances; "Factory Compagnia Transadriatica" for the creation and adaptation of stage music and post-production ("Ubu re", "Tartufo", "Trip, viaggio nel Salento"); in 2013 he created the music for the show "Animal Skin" along with the dancer choreographer Antonio Carallo; in 2014 he collaborates with the director Rubidori Manshaft for the audio post-production of the international show "12 parole 7 pentimenti"; in 2016 he collaborates within the "KIDS" review for the creation and live performance of the music by "Mattia e il nonno" with the actor Ippolito Chiarello at the Ammirato Culture House in Lecce.





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